Sealife Sealife Wide Angle Lens

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Sealife Sealife Wide Angle Lens

Sealife Wide Angle Lens

139,00 €


3 element high-quality optical glasslenses

Wide-angle lenses are the preferred accessory for divers. It makes reef scenes possible as well as group pictures from a close distance. The SL 970 equals a 24 mm lens and increases field-of-view by 50 %. 3 element high-quality optical glasslenses. Snaps easily on and off even while underwater. Fits DC600 and DC 1000.


IMPORTANT: The SL970 Wide Angle Lens fits all SeaLife camera BUT the DC800(SL180), ReefMaster Mini (SL320) and ECOshot (SL321) cameras.

The DC800 has a built in wide angle lens (28mm film equivalent). Although the Wide Angle Lens will fit onto the DC800, the pictures will vignette.

The ReefMaster Mini and ECO shot cameras works with the Mini Wide Angle lens SL973.

You want to fit everything into the shot and stay within the shooting range of your flash.

The wide-angle lens takes a full-frame picture of a 5´ shark within 5´ shooting distance. This is SeaLife´s most versatile underwater lens.



  • 24mm wide-angle lens increases shooting angle about 50%.
  • Easily snaps on and off your SeaLife® digital or film camera, even while underwater.
  • Sharp focus from 2´ (60cm) to infinity without any adjustments.
  • Fully-multi coated optical glass.
  • Waterproof to 200´ (60m).
  • Includes neoprene lens covers.
  • Mounts to SeaLife® Lens Dock (item # SL972), sold separately.



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