Mares BCD Mares XR-REC Ice Single Backmount Set

BCD Mares XR-REC Ice Single Backmount Set | Diver´s Alert Marker Buoy Mares

Mares BCD Mares XR-REC Ice Single Backmount Set

BCD Mares XR-REC Ice Single Backmount Set

670,00 €

The XR-REC ICE Single Tank Donut Bladder is designed for cold water diving. The extended range diver will find it easier to find the trim required in technical diving. The standard 16 liter single tank bag is silver in color and the backplate is in 6 mm 316 stainless steel.

The XR-REC ICE Bladder for Single Cylinder is the perfect companion for all technical cold water divers.
To increase the life of this balancer, Mares is replacing all the aluminum components of the first version with stainless steel. The stainless steel backplate allows for a double strap configuration of the tank while the stainless steel D-rings and buckles increase strength and offer a unique look.

To improve comfort during the dive, Mares has inserted a soft back panel, padding in the lower back and a shoulder protector.
The XR-REC ICE also includes two removable side pockets for ballast with D-rings. These optional pockets close with VELCRO® brand closures and one pocket is extendable and is used for storing accessories.
Available in one size, this set allows divers to create a personalized fit thanks to the fully adjustable harness.


XR-REC Ice Single Backmount Set includes

  •  16 liter standard single tank silver donut
  • 6 mm ss316 back plate
  • 6 mm ss316 d-rings
  • ss316 buckle
  • standard webbing harness
  • left shoulder milspec ss316 buckle with a 2-point, quick-release system
  • inflator with metal buttons
  • 2 tank straps with ss316 buckles
  • upper handle
  • new x-rec back-shoulders padding
  • flat-head bolt screws
  • 2 removable side weight pockets with d-rings, closed with velcro® brand fasteners (one pocket is extendable)


  • total weight: 7.3 kg
  • a single backmount set that includes everything you need to enter the world of xr diving
  • one size fits all (fully adjustable harness)
  • ideal for cold water use

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