Cressi-Sub Kit Snorkeling Cressi Uomo

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Cressi-Sub Kit Snorkeling Cressi Uomo

Kit Snorkeling Cressi Uomo

89,00 €


One-piece without hood, with shorts and short sleeves, in 2.5 mm double-lined neoprene.

Playa is perfect for snorkeling, diving in tropical waters, swimming, sailing and for all water sports in general. Lightweight and easy to wear thanks to the front zipper, it leaves great freedom of movement. Arms and legs with a riveted finish, to minimize water infiltration.


Pluma is an extraordinary fin in its category, which uses a construction technology hitherto reserved only for technical models specifically designed for freediving and scuba diving.

In fact, it uses the same Cressi constructive system (patented) of molding in 3 materials, to obtain high performance, great lightness and ease of kicking, extraordinary comfort.

The blade is made of polypropylene, a light and nervous material at the same time, characterized by a very energetic and immediate elastic return. Two lateral ribs of reinforcement and other ribs on the lower side of the blade guarantee a progressive and controlled flexion. The result is a rather powerful but fluid kicking, not tiring, just like it must be on a fin of this category. The foot housing is developed entirely on the underside of the blade, to ensure high protection during kicking, even in shallow water and near rocks and rocks. It is made of soft thermo-rubber, with shapes studied at the computer to optimize comfort and allow prolonged use of the fin. The sole is entirely rigid and has large non-slip inserts, both for total foot protection and for optimal leg-fin thrust transmission.

Pluma is the perfect fin for snorkeling, swimming, and freediving.

Its extreme lightness makes it an excellent fin for air travel abroad.


Evolution of the Nano mask with the same IDF-INTEGRATED DUAL FRAME TECHNOLOGY system known in the latest generation Cressi masks to offer a field of view beyond the norm.

The structure of the mask is characterized by a particular design that integrates the face and the frame in an extremely compact and hydrodynamic profile very close to the face of the diver, allowing a particular and wider shape of the lenses. Caliber turns out to be the Cressi mask with less internal volume together with an exceptional field of vision thanks to the inclination of the lenses. The buckles are always connected directly to the rigid headband of the mask through a sturdy but flexible rubber joint. This allows you to adjust the strap and position the mouthpiece without altering the delicate position of the facepiece.

A patented membrane that surrounds the inside of the nose housing acts as a barrier by trapping any moisture escaping from the diver’s nose unintentionally when breathing through the mouth. The result is that not only is the humidity channeled away from the lenses, avoiding fogging, but the need to compensate the pressure is also reduced. The finish is completely opaque satin so as to aesthetically combine all its components in order to favor a perfect integration in the underwater environment avoiding alarming reflections for marine organisms.

Calibro is a perfect choice for freediving as designed to offer the best response to the feeling of freedom of the face.


New Cressi aerator with high technological content, expressly designed for fishing and for deep diving. The Corsica tube is characterized by the use of special, newly developed, high-memory polymers, which allow the aerator to flex against obstacles but to recover the original position instantly. The hypoallergenic silicone mouthpiece has been realized with a special anatomical shape able to minimize the feeling of annoyance even after prolonged use.


Following the revolutionary principles introduced by Big Eyes, the Matrix establishes new records. The (patented) concept of inclined glass and their particular "inverted drop" shape is further developed.

The lenses are in the closest possible position to the eyes, with a further increase in the visual field, brought to the highest possible levels. The newly designed bead is very thin and is completely invisible when worn. In the upper part of the headband, there are inserts made of rubbery material with a strong grip and an attractive appearance.

The soft silicone face has a new profile and a wide support flange, for excellent hold and unprecedented comfort. The internal volume of the mask is exceptionally reduced, lower than that of many freediving models and the weight is also very low. Two pressure buckles, integrated into the headband, allow a quick and precise adjustment of the strap. The latter, a new design, has a very large support area on the nape for a princely comfort.

Excellent mask for snorkeling, scuba, and freediving.


Aerator designed primarily for snorkeling.

The tube, curved in shape to remain as close as possible to the head, has a variable section and ends at the top with a shaped splash guard, which limits the entry of water and splashes from the upper end, without impeding ventilation.

The mouthpiece, made of soft silicone, has an angle designed for prolonged use without soreness of the gums. Below the tube ends with an axial water collection well, equipped with an elliptical exhaust valve, which makes the expulsion of water really easy and easy. The quick coupling system to the mask strap is slidable on the aerator tube for optimal positioning.


Revolutionary mask made of High Seal, a new material that offers an extraordinary and unprecedented comfort. Not only has this new High Seal silicone been chosen, exceptionally soft and comfortable, but the whole design of the skirt has followed new rules that allow having a contact point of the mask on the face with a very open angle. The mask rests on the face with comfort never seen before and leaves no mark on the skin, even after prolonged use. To obtain a similar result, the structure of the face was obtained with the Double Injection Technology, an unprecedented injection system that allows differentiating the rigidity of the face in every point, stiffening where it is necessary to have a non-deformable structure, softening it where the maximum comfort. The inverted drop-shaped glasses (patent Cressi) are small and close as possible to the pupils, so as to increase by 25% the already extraordinary visibility of the Matrix. The headband uses the exclusive Cressi system (patented) of double injection of an elastomer onto a rigid element and allows mounting of the belt buckles not on the facial structure, like the competition, but on an elastic and indestructible element, tilting on a vertical plane that can be completely folded sideways on a 180 ° arc. The thickness of the headband has been reduced and is such as to completely disappear from view, wearing a mask. Big Eyes Evolution is born already prepared for optical lenses: a small screwdriver and a few seconds are enough to mount instead of standard glasses the optical lenses prescribed by the eye doctor.


Si prega di notare che in caso di esaurimento scorte, la consegna del prodotto potrebbe subire un ritardo di 7/10 giorni per approvvigionamento.


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