Marchi vari Vhf Navy12

Vhf Navy12 | CARATTERISTICHE: - Ricetrasmettitore Vhf nautico di piccole dimensioni che racchiude nel suo nuovo e

Marchi vari Vhf Navy12

Marchi vari
Vhf Navy12

116,00 €

The radio Polmar Vhf Navy12 is the best Vhf quality for the good price

6W RF high power or 1W low power selectable.
Emergency channel call with dedicated key (16).
Small sized.
Wide LCD display with backlight.
Keypad lock.
8 squelch levels: level 1 is the most sensitive (open) and level 8 is the least sensitive (closed). Auto (Ao) is the optimum factory setting and ‘Off’ is fully open, with constant static noise.
Monitor function, used to briefly check for activity on the current channel.
Dual Watch mode to monitor two channels at the same time; channel 16 and a selected operative channel. With Tri-Watch mode to monitor three channels contemporary: channel 16, a selected operative channel and a third channel preset as priority channel.
Channel Scan to find or detect users on other radio channels.
IP54 protection level.
Key Beep, when activated, the radio will emit a confirmation tone whenever you use the keypad.
Power save function to save energy, after a short period of inactivity the radio will automatically enter into power save mode.

Supplied with: Li-Ion 7.4V/1.5Ah rechargeable battery pack, slow desk battery charger, antenna, italian and english user’s manual.

Features Vhf Navy12

  • Frequency range TX: 156.025 ~ 157.425MHz RX: 156.300 ~ 162.000MHz
  • Channels International Channels
  • Channel step 25 kHz
  • Operating temperature from -15 to +55 °C
  • Operating voltage 7,4V
  • Dimension 96 x 61 x 31 mm
  • Weight 202 g
  • Power supply  Li-ion 7,4V/1500mAh Battery
  • RF Power Low: 1W / High: 6W
  • Sensivity <122 dBm
  • Power consumption 1,7A