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Mares Mares Evolution 7mm MEN wetsuit

Mares Evolution 7mm MEN wetsuit | Abyss 52X Nitrox Mares Dispencer

Mares Mares Evolution 7mm MEN wetsuit

Mares Evolution 7mm MEN wetsuit

359,25 €

Mares Evolution 7mm MEN wetsuit

The Mares EVOLUTION wetsuit is ideal for divers who particularly appreciate ease of donning and comfort with the high elasticity of the entire wetsuit improving its sealing qualities and reducing water circulation.

The wetsuit features a front zip with a smooth neoprene inner flap and a new custom soft closure for added comfort on the neck.

Cuffs and ankles feature Glideskin lining to minimize water entry into the sleeves and legs.

The wetsuit features ankle zips with a double cone structure which improves the tightness of the wetsuit and facilitates donning and doffing.

The reinforced knee pads have a dedicated print, the non-slip pads on the shoulders offer greater comfort when wearing the BC while the one on the cuffs keeps the computer/instrument in place while diving.

Mares evolution 7mm wetsuit technical characteristics

  • Very comfortable 7 mm wetsuit with back zip
  • Ultra-elastic neoprene to facilitate donning and doffing and improve diving comfort
  • Scratch resistant closure
  • Reinforced kneepads
  • Non-slip shoulders for greater comfort when wearing the jacket
  • Non-slip cuffs to keep computer or instrument in place while diving
  • The glideskin coating on the cuffs and ankles prevents the passage of water
  • Ankle zippers with dual cone glideskin construction
  • The women’s version features a dedicated feminine cut
  • Exhaust system hoods with Glideskin liner are available for purchase separately.

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