Cressi-Sub Dive Tank Cressi-sub

Dive Tank Cressi-sub | Dive Tank Cressi Sub 5 Lt 10 Lt 12 Lt 15 Lt 18 Lt

Cressi-Sub Dive Tank Cressi-sub

Dive Tank Cressi-sub

236,00 €

Dive Tank Cressi-sub  


The Cressi tanks are made by Faber, the leading European manufacturer of scuba diving tanks, with extremely top quality standards.
They come in 5 different capacities: 5, 10, 12, 15 and 18 litres.
On the other hand, the valves are made by Cressi-sub and were the first easy to assemble and disassemble valves to appear on the market.
They are strong and reliable and are made from really top quality materials.
The inner air passages were carefully studied in the design so as to guarantee top performance even, and above all, with the top performance regulators.
The valve design ensures an excellent grip, facilitating opening and closing of the tank.
A brand new, exclusive slot system means you can check whether the faucet is open or closed at a glance (yellow = faucet closed, red = faucet open).
The regulator connection incorporates a threaded insert, which means it can equally be used for both INT bracket or DIN connection.
Because the valves are modular you can easily change from a single connection valve to dual connection valve and vice versa.

The Cressi-sub valves passed the strict tests imposed by European standards with flying colours thus receiving the prestigious CE certification.




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