Aquascooter Aquascooter AS 650 1

Aquascooter AS 650 1 | Aquasccoter AS 650 Motorini subacquei Diving-Scuba scooters Aquascooter

Aquascooter Aquascooter AS 650 1

Aquascooter AS 650 1

910,00 €

The new aquascooter Enjoy AS650 ONE, has a new engine,  more powerful than the previous model. Made respecting CE and EPA standards, it is built in Italy, it is extremely safe and easy to use even by a child. 

Ideal for underwater fishing, it is quiet and safe, the boat can also be used as an emergency outboard engine.

With AQUASCOOTER the fun is guaranteed for you and for the whole family. You can reach inaccessible places, do fishwatching and... always in absolute freedom and security.   Discovering the beauties... 

If you are a diver for passion, AQUASCOOTER is an indispensable tool.  Weight 7 kg and has an extremely small footprint.  Its low fuel consumption allows prolonged use. 

Allows speed up to 8 km/h 

Characteristics AQUASCCOTER AS 650 1 one 

  • 2 stroke motor, direct drive
  • Displacement 48cc
  • Bore 40mm
  • Stroke 38mm
  • Thrust 25 kg
  • Power 1.47 hw 2 HP at 5000 rpm
  • Fuel Mixture
  • Oil-gasoline ratio 2%  (100:2) - 1% (100:1) with special Aquascooter oil
  • Tank capacity 2 LT.
  • Electronic ignition C.D.I.
  • Bosch candle WR10BC
  • Oil Lubricant for mineral-based mixture Aquascooter Oil
  • Autonomy 2 hours
  • Weight 7,00 Kg
  • Dimensions 530 X 300 X 195 cm

Tips for use : For the first 10/15 hours, it is used with a percentage of oil equal to 2% and then decrease up to 1.5%.  

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