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Best Divers Bellatrix up Best Diver Light

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Bellatrix up Best Diver Light

125,00 €

The torch of the Best Diver Bellatrix Up is a rechargeable, light and easy to handle illuminator. It has a beam that goes from 13 μs to 140 μs ideal for any use, from those who go by day, but also those who want to go at night, as an illuminator for those who take photos and videos, for its size also as a back-up torch.

It has the great advantage of having 3 torches in one, operating with a simple sliding movement the front head, you can vary the beam of light quickly and easily; this allows you to get three modes:

  1. BEAM WIDTH 50’ suitable for night diving
  2. NARROW BEAM 13, ideal for illuminating wrecks and ravines
  3. BEAM 140 season: unscrewing and removing the front head, you can get an ideal beam for video shooting.

Specifications Torch Best Diver Bellatrix Up:

  • Body in light blue anodized marine aluminium
  • Beam with adjustable light angle by sliding the zoom head (13 someone-140 someone)
  • Waterproof depth up to 122 meters
  • Lumen 1300 Lumen
  • Led lights: SST40
  • Battery: Rechargeable 18650 - 3200 mAh
  • Electronic charger with USB cable included
  • Autonomy: 90 minutes at 100%
  • Switch with safety lock
  • Dimensions: length: 163 mm head: 48 mm body: 30 mm
  • Weight 0.476 kg