Seac Sub Seac R1 Torch

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Seac Sub Seac R1 Torch

Seac Sub
Seac R1 Torch

55,00 €

The Seac R1 torch is a compact underwater lamp with an anodized aluminum casing with a switch that can be installed in the following modes: maximum, minimum and intermittent.
It is equipped with 3 slots for rechargeable alkaline batteries AAA / LR03, 1.5V or 1.2V (not included).

Features of the Seac R1 Torch:

  • Autonomy: 180 minutes;
  • Maximum depth of use: 100 meters;
  • Diameter / length: Ø 38 mm / 126.5 mm;
  • Weight: 138 g;
  • Ignition: pressure switch;
  • Seal: O-ring with double radial seal;
  • Glass: PMMA plastic material;
  • Light output: 150 lumens.