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Cressi-Sub Cressi Thor Fins

Cressi Thor Fins

89,00 €

The new Cressi Thor fins are ideal for diving because they give an effective boost suitable for both experienced divers and beginners. Perfect for travelers who need a light piunna.

Compared to the other models of fins, Cressi has a new design with an arched profile with two central ribs that create a "spoon effect", which has the purpose of stabilizing and giving power for an effective push, without being too rigid. The fin has two lateral holes which release negative forces and improve their stability.

The side blades are made of rubber and polypropylene to improve their reactivity.

Charatters fins Cressi Thor

  • The length of the fin is 66x23 for the size M / L-42/44.
  • The fin is very light, weighing only for cuts M / L-42/44 850g.
  • They are made of polypropylene, a light material also used for freediving fins, which gives a rapid push thanks to the particular rigidity. It has a much better effort-performance ratio than traditional materials. In addition, it has great resistance to wear and tear.
  • The Cressi Thor fin has a blade inclined with respect to the shoe, thanks to this particular angle, the fin offers the diver greater efficiency, in addition to giving a more natural foot position during the kick
  • The shoe is made with three different volumes, with a narrow central area so that the foot remains firmly fixed inside and the foot effort is direct and precise.
  • Upper reinforced by an extra thickness and laterally by two extensions of polypropylene from the upper to avoid the dispersion of energy in the transmission process from the foot to the blade.
  • The EBS STRAP Cressi strap is made of latex, a very elastic material that makes it practical and comfortable, thanks to the large ring on the back that makes the fit easy.
  • The sole is rigid with non-slip inserts in thermoplastic rubber.