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Best Divers Scuba Alert

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Scuba Alert

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Amphi Horn - Sound alerter to be applied to the jacket´s power inflator. Can be used on the surface and underwater. It works with the air passing through the jacket´s hose; pushing a button you activate a piston which hammering against a s/steel plate produces a strong sound which will allow you to call the attention of your buddies.  Sub-Alert can make a loud sound. People have been able to hear a Sub-Alert 1.5 mile away from a diver in need. Sub-Alert could be the only source to helping diver when it in accidents. We strongly recommend you take a Sub-Alert along with you on every dive you undergo.

Technical  Data Scuba Alert

  • 120 decibel
  • dimensions 8 cm
  • 180°degree rotation
  • Horn works both UNDERWATER and on the SURFACE
  • Volume: Under water 115-125 dB. (Above water range approx 0.5 - 1.0 mile)
  • Horn is very loud above water. Keep away from ears at all times.
  • Two models are available to fit of 95% of the inflators currently available.

AH-150-01: International connector.

AH-150-02: Scubapro Air-2, Tusa Duo-Air and Atomic SS1.



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