Apeks Apeks Fusion KVr1 Aircore

Apeks Fusion KVr1 Aircore | T-Shirt olive green APEKS Diving-Drysuites Apeks

Apeks Apeks Fusion KVr1 Aircore

Apeks Fusion KVr1 Aircore

1.950,00 €

Take your diving further with the Patented Twin Layer System Apeks Fusion KVR1 with Aircore, a drysuit as tough as the environments you explore.

Featuring a protective outer layer ballistic strength para-aramid synthetic fibre skin, and innovative AirCore breathable inner layer, no other Fusion suit is as robust as the KVR1. With deep, expandable thigh pockets, Seal Lock Technology (SLT) dry glove attachments system and an optional pee valve, this is the drysuit that will keep you comfortable for longer.

Features Apeks Fusion KVr1 Aircore

  • Innovative AirCore breathable inner layer for maximum comfort.
  • Exclusive Rapid Zip Skin-to-AirCore Zipper System (RZ) for faster drying times and fast skin changes.
  • Seams are mauser taped and 6 thread sewn for maximum stretch and durability.
  • Includes 2 Twin-Zip expandable pockets.
  • Super-tough ballistic strength synthetic fibre skin.
  • SLT dry seal connections on both the wrists and the neck.
  • If a wrist or neck seal becomes damaged it can be replaced by the user in the field, ideal for remote expeditions.
  • Sizes 2XS/XS, S/M, L/XL, 2XL/3XL, 4XL+

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