Scubapro Definition Dry Scubapro Dry Suit

Definition Dry Scubapro Dry Suit | Definition Dry Scubapro Dry Suit

Scubapro Definition Dry Scubapro Dry Suit

Definition Dry Scubapro Dry Suit

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Scubapro Wetsuit Dry Dry Suit

The new Trubapro Definition Dry trilaminate drysuit is made for the female body, ideal for cold water diving, designed all the needs of thermal protection, for all types of diving from recreational to technical to professional.

The new Scubapro Definition Dry drysuit is designed for scuba divers, also to expert level, created thanks to the combination of resistant fabrics (polyester/butyl/ polyester trilaminate) with non-through-bonded seams with double-sealed tape, is designed to withstand water colder. Despite its strength, the Dry Definition Dry remains light and has many features that make it comfortable and space-saving. Si-Tech valves, double pockets, semi-rigid boots, comfortable elastic braces in blue, standard hood with internal x-foam that kind of particularly elastic jaccard is very warm, cuffs and neck in latex particularly suitable for girls who have necks and small wrists.

CHARACTERISTICS Dry Scubapro Definition Dry Women’s Suit

  • Made of highly resistant polyester/butyl/ polyester trilaminate that can withstand years of intense diving.
  • Non-threaded seams with double-sided glued tape for maximum reliability
  • Diagonal front metal BDM zipper that, in addition to being watertight, facilitates wearing in total autonomy.
  • Latex seals on cuffs and collar, durable, comfortable and efficient in terms of impermeability.
  • Collar neoprene neck warmer that keeps the hood in place and keeps the heat. Facilitates the positioning of the hood when wearing gloves.
  • Quality Si-Tech valves ensure efficient and simple airflow control.
  • The semi-rigid shoes have a new softer sole that improves the anti-slip feature for greater efficiency on the fins and have a rubber reinforcement for lightweight flexibility. They also allow you to walk on non-linear surfaces.
  • The two large pockets are fitted with D-rings, easily visible blue elastic strap, high-security lugs, and Velcro fasteners.
  • The I-Safe loops on the arms offer a secure attachment point for wrist instruments.
  • The blue suspenders system are easy to find inside the drysuit when worn. They also improve the wearability and provide convenient support to the suit.
  • The hood is equipped with an airflow system, a smooth neck, a Diamond Span interior and a hook for attaching to the cargo pocket.
  • Includes anatomical hood, carrying bag, low-pressure hose, repair kit and manual.

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