Scubapro Scubapro WOMAN Hybrid Cargo Shorts

Scubapro WOMAN Hybrid Cargo Shorts | Subtech Pro 100 Undersuit Scubapro

Scubapro Scubapro WOMAN Hybrid Cargo Shorts

Scubapro WOMAN Hybrid Cargo Shorts

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Scubapro WOMAN Hybrid Shorts

SCUBAPRO re-presents this piece of the Hybrid line made with a mix of 1 mm X-Foam neoprene and nylon to ensure both excellent thermal stability and a good level of resistance, elasticity, and comfort. Elegant and perfect for any condition, wear them alone or under a wet suit for added protection.

The comfortable, stretchy Cargo HYBRID shorts are shaped to fit the body perfectly. The microplush interior on the lower part of the nylon panels ensures warmth and comfort This fleece fabric absorbs a smaller amount of water thus maintaining body heat and ensuring quick drying.

Designed to be worn alone or over the suit, the Cargo HYBRID shorts come with a nylon cord and reinforced seat, as well as two large pockets to store everything that can be useful during a nice day on the beach or by boat.

Technical data Scubapro Hybrid Short 1mm:

Made of X-FOAM neoprene for thermal hold and durable nylon for greater elasticity and comfort.
Highly versatile - ideal for divers, for lovers of snorkeling and paddleboarding, swimmers and fans of other water sports
With an exclusive style and a captivating look, it keeps you warm and protected.
The inner lining is soft and comfortable.
Shaped for greater hydrodynamics and for a comfortable and elegant fit


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