Scubapro Leggins Scubapro WOMAN T-Flex

Leggins Scubapro WOMAN T-Flex | Polo 2011 Scubapro Man, dive wear, dive style

Scubapro Leggins Scubapro WOMAN T-Flex

Leggins Scubapro WOMAN T-Flex

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Leggins Scubapro T-FLEX

The new Scubapro T-FLEX leggings are designed with a new design designed to give maximum comfort and maximum protection both before and after and during dives.

The T-Flex line adapts to the silhouette, enhancing the shapes, and can also be used as a undersuit, since thanks to the nylon / spandex they are made of, they make the wearing of a wet suit very easy. They are the perfect complement to all the Rash guards of the UPF collection. When worn on their own they protect against punctures and skin abrasions, and when worn on the surface, they provide unrivaled ultraviolet protection in the industry.

The T-FLEX leggings are made of a blend of super soft nylon and highly elastic elastane for maximum comfort and maximum elasticity. They are designed to be modeled on the body, they are ultra-comfortable and soft to the touch.

In addition to a fabulous look, the T-FLEX leggings provide unbeatable protection from ultraviolet rays. They have a UPF 80 index rewarded by the Standard UV 801, the only UV certification standard that tests the fabric in real conditions of use - that is when it is wet and subjected to stress -. Therefore, obtaining a Standard UV 801 UPF 80 label means that T-FLEX leggins are leaders in providing protection against the effects of the sun; this is the highest UV protection index in the industry.

Technical data

  • Classified UPF 80 according to the UV Standard 801 - the highest UV protection index available in the industry.
  • Made with a mixture of super soft nylon (86%) and highly elastic elastane (14%).
  • Maximum comfort - maximum elasticity.
  • Shaped for greater hydrodynamics and for a comfortable and elegant fit..
  • Looks fantastic with the Rash Guard T-Flex, Channel Flow and UPF 50+.
  • The colored panels and the modeling cut enhance the female body.
  • Highly versatile - ideal for divers, for lovers of snorkeling and paddleboarding, swimmers and fans of other water sports.

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