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Mares Computer Mares Sirius

Computer Mares Sirius | Computer Mares Nemo Wide Diving-Computers Mares

Mares Computer Mares Sirius

Computer Mares Sirius

599,00 €

Computer Mares Sirius 

The New Mares Sirius Clock/Computer with high-resolution color screen, Blutooth and with the possibility of multi-blend and trimix. 

The new computer can be connected up to 5 probes for air and consumption control.

Technical features Computer Mares Sirius

  • zh-l16c algorithm with gradient factor and predictive multimiscel mode
  • Suitable for nitrox and trimix, up to 5 mixtures
  • High resolution color mip display
  • Compass with tilt compensation, detection memory and stopwatch
  • Whipless cylinder data integration for up to five transmitters
  • Graphical representation of cylinder pressure by colours corresponding to ranges for a glance
  • Depth gauge mode with zero average depth and stopwatch
  • Decompression dive planner with possibility to define the surface range
  • Logbook 100 dives with different charts
  • Intelligent battery management system with 30* hours immersion time per full charge
  • Bluetooth connection for direct connection to smartphone
  • Graph of tissue saturation and immersion profile
  • Underwater menu that allows you to change certain settings while diving
  • Deco forecast and exponential deco alarm
  • Two immersion data display options
  • Three clock screens and color option


Colored straps and transmitter are optional


Available from March2023


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