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Mares Quad CI Computer

Mares Quad CI Computer | Computer Subacquei Suunto Mares Cressi Spora

Mares Quad CI Computer

Mares Quad CI Computer

549,00 €

The new Mares Quad CI underwater colour computer is ideal for any diver’s level and expectations.

 Thanks to the Bühlmann ZH-L16C algorithm, you can adapt the dive settings to your needs. Thanks to the huge 8-color MIP display you will have all the complete information at a glance, and go through all the different diving modes, from air to nitrox and trimix.

The Quad CI computer will allow you, if you want, (optional) to match a probe, thanks to the connection of the cylinder data via the transmitter for know your air consumption and not only, during your dives, manage up to 5 probes. Built-in digital compass, stopwatch, logbook with 100 hours immersion,  intelligent battery management system offer 20 hours immersion per full charge.

Thanks to the Bluetooth connection, you access real-time diving information and conveniently update the firmware via the Mares app.

Features Computer Mares Quad CI


  •  Bühlmann ZH-L16C algorithm with customizable gradient factors
  •  Gradient Alternative factors and decompression with Ceil-con function
  •  Air, nitrox, trimix, depth gauge
  •  High-resolution, 8-color MIP display with very large fonts
  •  Fully tilting digital compass with detection memory and stopwatch
  •  Whipless cylinder data integration for up to five transmitters
  •  Cylinder pressure and saturation level are displayed via colors corresponding to value ranges for a glance
  •  Depth gauge mode with zero average depth and stopwatch
  •  Decompression dive planner with additional function for surface range
  •  Logbook memory: 100 hours immersion profile with detection intervals every 5 seconds
  •  Intelligent battery management system with 20 hours immersion time per full charge (30 hours without probe)
  •  Charging by clip and USB cable, 500 charging cycles
  •  Built-in Bluetooth for direct connection to an electronic device
  •  Graph of immersion profile and tissue saturation accessible during immersion
  •  Underwater menu that allows you to change certain settings while diving
  •  TTR (Time To Reserve) - Time missing to the reserve, that is the time that a diver can spend at the current depth before reaching the tank reserve.
  •  Alarm of Deco exponential
  •  Four buttons for an intuitive user interface and quick controls
  •  Altitude is automatically adjusted by detecting ambient pressure every 20 seconds, even when off
  • Firmware updates via the Mares app


Mares Quad CI Computer functions

  • Material: Lipo - 200 Mamps
  • Battery Life: 30* Diving Hours/500 Charging Cycles
  • Nitrox Usage: Ean 21% to 99%
  • Usage Trimix: Hypoxic, Normossic
  • Prof. Max Displayed: 150 M / 492 Ft
  • Speed
  • Storage Capacity: 100 Hr
  • Sampling period Profile: 5 S
  • Display: Mip Color Display
  • Change Mixture:
  • Stopwatch:
  • Alarm clock:
  • Zeroing Nitrogen Residue:
  • Possibility of Sound Alarm Exclusion:
  • Software Upgradable Software:
  • Integrated Pressure Gauge:
  • Diving Hours Per Charge: 30 Hr*
  • Graphic and Numerical Display of Cylinder Pressure:
  • Usb power supply unit: