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Mares Mares Smart diving computer

Mares Smart diving computer

243,00 €

Mares Smart diving computer

 Unmatched sharp display with perfect clarity and exemplary design: this is SMART, the newest dive computer from Mares.

Incredibly full-featured and ergonomic; Smart replicates the excellent traditional segmented display of the Puck Pro, but revamps its functions and button layout to help it perform better in all diving conditions, even the most technical.
Smart is a very versatile computer; also suitable for multi-gas use and freediving.
On the surface, users can adjust Nitrox settings or check the logbook simply and quickly.  Underwater; Smart lets the diver view different depth information (shown on the top line) completely independent from the supplemental information shown in the bottom line. The center section is dedicated to data on the diver´s decompression status.
The buttons have been moved to the side for a truly compact shape that is ergonomic and delivers immediate control of all functionality. The upper right button controls information regarding maximum depth, average depth, and maximum depth reachable by the gas being used. The button on the lower right controls the content of the field alongside the dive time, selecting temperature, oxygen percentage, CNS, time of day, and or stopwatch displays.  There is a 4-second timeout when displaying the current time of day, after which the display switches back to dive time for safety reasons.
The battery has a guaranteed life of 2-3 years (depending on dive habits), and can easily be replaced by users with no need for technical support.
And of course, the design was not overlooked: a two-color strap makes Smart the perfect partner out of the water with its contemporary appearance and exclusive color pairings; available in black and white or grey and white. 
They say that destiny lies in a name: Mares Smart, the most intelligent solution in dive computers.


Maximum displayed depth

150 m (492 ft)

Rechargeable battery


User-replaceable batteries


Clear residual nitrogen


Exclude audible alarms option


Ascent rate indicator


Memory capacity

36 hr

Profile sampling rate

5 s



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