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Scubapro Galileo Luna air 2.0 Scubapro

Galileo Luna air 2.0 Scubapro | Scubapro Re-usable Clip (simple plastic design), accessori, erogatori

Scubapro Galileo Luna air 2.0 Scubapro

Galileo Luna air 2.0 Scubapro

530,78 €

The NEW Luna 2.0 AI from SCUBAPRO is a dive computer with integrated air, elegant and intuitive, with easy-to-use functions. The wireless air integration function makes it easy to control cylinder pressure and provides the real value of Remaining Bottom Time (RBT), allowing air consumption to be included in the decompression calculation. Designed to be one of the thinnest dive computers, Luna 2.0 AI features an oil bath thermoplastic case that is guarantee unsurpassed performance and comfort. Its large and modern widescreen screen consists of a high-contrast black/white LCD display with large fonts for easy depth reading. The simple two-button interface allows you to navigate the system with ease, thanks to the clarity of the instructions on the screen. In addition to offering the option to choose between ADT and GF algorithms, it ensures compatibility with Nitrox and with three selectable gases for open circuit diving. Three diving modes are available (Scuba, Apnea, and Gauge) and there is the possibility to select intermediate stops based on the dive profile (Profile Dependent Intermediate Stops - PDIS) and six levels of microbubbles. Luna 2.0 AI is also equipped with an optional integrated heart rate monitor that allows you to visually monitor the heart rate and skin temperature to be sure to stay in your target area, maximizing fun and safety in depth.


  • Air monitoring controls the cylinder pressure and provides calculations of the remaining real background time (Remaining Bottom Time - RBT) based on the breathing workload.
  • The optional heart rate monitor (sold separately) records heart rate and skin temperature, which can affect the decompression calculation along with the workload.