Scubapro Scubapro Delta Boots 5 MM Thickness

Scubapro Delta Boots 5 MM Thickness | Scubapro Delta Boots 5 mm thickness

Scubapro Scubapro Delta Boots 5 MM Thickness

Scubapro Delta Boots 5 MM Thickness

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Socks Scubapro Delta 6.5 mm

Offering both comfort and protection, the classic Delta 6.5 mm boot is an excellent choice for practically any cold water dive scenario. It has a robust but flexible sole and a good rubberized protective armor, while retaining its characteristic lightness. The plantar and cut create an anti-cramp pattern, even for wide-spread feet.

Diamond Span BLUE
Our exclusive blue diamond span lining with draining material is not only exceptionally comfortable and quick to dry. It also improves protection against cold water, keeping you warmer longer.

Features Diving Boots Delta 6.5 - Scubapro:

  • Provide complete protection for your feet when diving in cold water.
  • The new plantar support guarantees unprecedented levels of support and comfort.
  • The particularly large shoe allows you to wear the shoes without risk of cramps even in the case of large-footed feet.
  • The Diamond Span interior is quick-drying, comfortable and helps retain heat.
  • The new sole has a heel designed to reduce the risk of slipping on boat decks.
  • The upper part of the foot is padded and protected from abrasions caused by the fin. The reinforcement on the heel includes a blocking block to prevent the fin from sliding out.
  • The long zipper is perfect for wearing and easily removing shoes. Protected by a velcro strip.

Sizes: 2XS-36, XS-37/38, S-39, M-40/41, L-42, XL-43/44, 2XL-45, 3XL-46/47, 4XLS-48



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