Aqua Lung By Technisub Soul Twilight i3

Soul Twilight i3 | Diving-B.c.d Aqua Lung By Technisub mute pinne erogatori immersioni corsi Padi snorkeling attrezzatura pesca subacquea Genova Liguria

Aqua Lung By Technisub Soul Twilight i3

Aqua Lung By Technisub
Soul Twilight i3

599,00 €

Soul Twilight i3

BCD specifically designed to meet the needs of female divers. elegant and compact.

  • Rear volume / hybrid bag
  • Wrapture Harness ™ System: ergonomic and comfortable harness
  • Integrated i3 control
  • Griplock ™ Tank Band - new cylinder blocking band
  • Advanced Air Cell Technology
  • Reduced length of the bag for an ideal wearability for women
  • Cordura 1000 Denier Armorshield sack fabric
  • Easily accessible side storage pocket
  • Personalized zip puller
  • Octo-Pocket ™ on the right side of the BCD
  • Gauge pocket
  • Attachment for knife
  • 7 D rings
  • Chest strap adjustable in both width and height
  • The integrated i3 system allows inflation and deflation control with a single command. The position and design make the i3 more comfortable and easier to use than a traditional control. The lever can be identified immediately and controls the simultaneous opening of all the "e-valves". Use a regular MP whisk.ù