Aqua Lung By Technisub Axiom

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Aqua Lung By Technisub Axiom

Aqua Lung By Technisub

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Axiom is a durable and feature-rich BCD that makes it unique in the market. This enveloping BCD with a minimal and hydrodynamic cut owes its inimitable comfort to the patented WraptureTM harness system.

  • Wrapture Harness System - ergonomic and comfortable harness. Using the patented Swivel Axis rotating buckles and an ultra-thin backrest, the Wrapture guarantees unparalleled comfort and stability. It prevents the BCD from rising towards the surface. Out of the water, keep the cylinder close to your center of gravity and transfer the weight to your hips. It therefore allows you to stand upright with the vertical cylinder.
  • SureLock II (patented) - integrated ballast system
  • The GripLock Tank Band - cylinder mouth band with steel buckle
  • Bag with a tapered shape for perfect hydrodynamics
  • Low profile flat valves for greater hydrodynamics
  • An elastic recovery system is used on the sides of the bag during the unloading phase. This improves the hydrodynamics of the BCD and reduces the overall resistance in immersion
  • Adjustable sternal strap
  • Pockets fixed on the cylinder support band allow to increase the weight capacity
  • The compartment on the top of the right lobe allows you to easily insert and remove the octopus, which remains visible and accessible throughout the dive
  • Large zippered pockets on both sides for easy access
  • Attachment system for the knife on the left lobe
  • 5 metal D-rings and 1 plastic D-ring for positioning the accessories
  • Pull bob on the right shoulder easy to locate and use
  • sizes: S | M | L | XL