Mares Snorkel Mares Ergo Splash

Snorkel Mares Ergo Splash | Jacket Rash Guard Mares Camo, freediving, spearfishing, neoprene, lycra,camouflage,imagescrambling camouflage colours

Mares Snorkel Mares Ergo Splash

Snorkel Mares Ergo Splash

30,96 €


Jacket Rash Guard Mares Camo


Rash guard made in various imagescrambling camouflage colors. Can also be used as light heat insulation and protection against UV rays and possible scrapes.
When these Rash Guards are worn over a classic wetsuit, they noticeably increase a diver’s chances of getting close to a fish, because the camouflage blends the fisherman’s profile with the seabed. Jacket and pants sold separately.



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