Scubapro Snorkel Scubapro Apnea

Snorkel Scubapro Apnea | Snorkel Scubapro Verve Apnea-Snorkel Scubapro

Scubapro Snorkel Scubapro Apnea

Snorkel Scubapro Apnea

12,85 €

Snorkel Apnea Scubapro

Scubapro’s Apnea snorkel is made of flexible and non-toxic silicone.

The peculiarity of the Apnea snorkel is that the material of which it is made allows it to be folded and easily stored in a pocket of the jack or suit, to take it with you both on the surface and during the dives!

Easily attached to the mask with a strap, this mouthpiece is foldable and comfortable.

The upper part adapts to any need and can also be removed if a shorter tube is needed.


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