Cressi-Sub Cressi Signal Board

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Cressi-Sub Cressi Signal Board

Cressi Signal Board

80,98 €

The Cressi Signal board an indispensable accessory for all underwater fishermen, it will give the possibility to have at hand a little extra equipment without having to return to land or by boat. The Cressi Signal Board is red with a 30x30 flag with a higher than the standard sub mark buoy auction, which makes it visible even to Sunday sailors !!!!

Formed by two envelopes; two internal air chambers, made of white PVC and an external one in abrasion resistant material, which provides safe protection to the two air chambers. Thanks to its dimensions, 80x30x15 cm, you can have up to three rifles, the spare rods, which you will fasten to the rings, 2 storage bags that are fixed with adjustable velcro straps and elastic rings. The mesh bottom guarantees maximum resistance and the water does not stagnate making it a light buoy.

Thanks to its shape, it offers minimum friction, so despite its size, you will have no trouble dragging it behind you. In the upper part, there is a series of storage pockets, the main bellows will allow you to carry items such as a mobile wallet and car keys or spare parts. The net fixed with adjustable elastic bands offers the possibility of carrying other objects.

In the center, a hinge allows access to the two deliberately separated air chambers for safety reasons in terms of buoyancy. In the front, in the center of it there is the housing of the regulatory flag pole. To facilitate transport to the ground once it is loaded, there are two well-finished handles. Complete with the line also it is red in color with an approximate length of 20 meters and is equipped with two plastic karabiners. A very useful whistle completes its equipment to make the diver safer in case of need to call attention in case of need.

Cressi Signal Board Buoy Features

  • PVC with mesh cover + 0.25 mm internal air chamber
  • Dimensions, 80x30x15
  • Sagola 20 m
  • Carrying handle
  • 30x30 PVC flag with 40 cm rod
  • Bright red color for maximum visibility
  • 4 pockets
  • Safety whistle