Cressi-Sub Jungle Sac Cressi-sub

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Cressi-Sub Jungle Sac Cressi-sub

Jungle Sac Cressi-sub

98,98 €

The Cressi Piovra XL backpack is the ideal bag for freediving or spearfishing. Made with waterproof, water repellent, though not watertight material.

Divided into + compartments, the largest has a breathable mesh in the lower part, very roomy, and perfectly suitable for freediving equipment including long freediving fins (up to 100 cm), which in all cases can also be placed outside and fastened with the elastic.

The compartment located in the outer + part can be used as a "cool" fridge bag for catching fish, or for the most pessimistic for cold drinks

The external elastic with intertwined laces allows you to insert other objects, such as a towel. The two sides are equipped with fixing systems for two fishing spearguns.

At the upper end of the bag there is a D-ring.

The two carrying straps are adjustable and a side handle facilitates the grip.

The reflective print on the front ensures greater visibility. The main compartment is equipped with eyelets for the lock

Features Cressi Piovra XL backpack

  • CAPACITY: LT 85 - 90
  • WEIGHT: KG 1.6 - LBS 3.52
  • DIMENSIONS: CM 112X30X30 - INCH 44.13X11.8X11.8