Sealife Lens Caddy Sealife DC

Lens Caddy Sealife DC | Sealife DC800/DC1000 Diffuser Underwatercamera - video-action cam-Accessories Sealife

Sealife Lens Caddy Sealife DC

Lens Caddy Sealife DC


Lens Caddy Sealife DC

The Sealife Lens Caddy fits any Sealife DC lens and mounts on the base of the camera. With this device it is possible to always have at hand a second lens to be applied to the lens.

To mount it on the base you just need a standard 1/4 inch screw, alternatively you can easily hook it to any handle or arm that has a diameter of up to 45 mm through a nylon strap with hook and ring. The lens securely adheres to the lens caddy i safely both during the dive and on the surface with the same mechanism with which they bind to the camera.

Each Lens Caddy carries a lens and for each camera it is possible to mount 4 Lens Caddy.


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