Scubapro Wet Suit Scubapro Definition 5 mm Woman

Wet Suit Scubapro Definition 5 mm Woman | Wet Suit Scubapro Definition IR 5 Woman red

Scubapro Wet Suit Scubapro Definition 5 mm Woman

Wet Suit Scubapro Definition 5 mm Woman

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Wet Wetsuit Definition 5mm 2019 - Woman

The new Definition 5mm from 2019 offers greater flexibility, better comfort and new features. The panels placed strategically on the chest area, on the sides, on the legs, on the arms and behind the knees create a shape that adheres to the body like a glove and provides extra elasticity where it is needed most. The increased protection from abrasion on the padding of shoulders, knees and elbows provides maximum protection. It is the ideal thermal protection for diving in temperate and warm waters.

Ideal for diving in warm water, between 16 and 21 degrees.

Features Definition 5 mm Woman

  • The new Ultraspan panel placed at chest level and the Stretchtec fabric panels on the body, on the sides on the arms and on the legs, contribute to high flexibility and excellent wearability.
  • The Orange Infrared inner lining, placed at the front and back of the torso, reflects the body’s warmth for extra thermal insulation and is extremely soft in contact with the skin, in combination with the silver plush fabric placed throughout the body. body to offer comfort and warmth.
  • The YKK diagonal rear zipper with brass slider ensures long life and ease of use.
  • The new panels on the arms and legs with double seal make the suit even easier to wear and take off.
  • The new zippers on the wrists and on the ankles, which are on women’s suits, are even longer for greater practicality.
  • The back padding protects the tank, providing additional comfort during prolonged dives.
  • The abrasion-resistant fabric placed on the shoulders and in correspondence of the seat, together with the new prints even larger and resistant to abrasion on the padding of shoulders, elbows and knees, cover the areas most exposed to wear and improve its durability.
  • The small zipper on the neck improves the comfort of the upper part of the torso, eliminating the need to remove the suit between an immersion and the other.
  • The I-Safe loops on the arms offer anti-slip attachment points for attaching wrist instruments.
  • Made of X-Foam, a Limestone neoprene without petroleum.
  • New ’S’ logo embossed and colored on the chest for greater flexibility and a sharper profile.
  • Size indications are now printed on the cuff and include height, weight and size.


Everflex suits are produced with X-Foam neoprene, an exclusive SCUBAPRO formulation. This type of neoprene, no longer formed from hydrocarbons but rather from minerals, has the only formulation that complies with the strict IPA regulations (Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons, also known as PAH). We are proud to offer this type of neoprene and thus protect both divers and the environment.

Furthermore, this suit is assembled using solvent-free glue, ie with a 100% ecological method.


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