Mares Mares 2nd Skin 6mm She Dives

Mares 2nd Skin 6mm She Dives | Mares 2nd Skin 6mm She Dives wetsuit

Mares Mares 2nd Skin 6mm She Dives

Mares 2nd Skin 6mm She Dives

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 Mares 2nd Skin 6mm She Dives

The wetsuit Mares 2ndSkin She Dives is custom-designed and pre-shaped for a superior fit to the female body. The inside of the elbows and knees is pre-shaped to better accommodate your arms and legs. The outside, subjected to continuous wear and tear, is made of strong Supratex. When combined with the metalite 2ndSkin shorty, you have a true water barrier, an actual second skin.Warm and cozy.

• Made of stretch neoprene for easy donning 

• Comfort and protection for your back with the Spine pad 

• Fast-drying interior liner 

WETSUIT-FEATURES  Mares 2nd Skin 6mm She Dives


This internal fabric dedicated to the inside panel of suits is soft, smooth, durable and developed to increase free movement. Ideal to guarantee extreme mobility, its refined finish prevents the suit from retaining water with the double benefit of keeping you warmer and making the suit dry faster.


The Spine Pad is an additional layer of thick neoprene that is stitched under the back zipper of a steamer. This additional layer provides double benefits. Its smooth external skin perfectly adheres with the inner part of the zipper, thereby obtaining an exceptional seal. Its thickness provides much more comfort during diving, reducing the uncomfortable feeling of the tank on the back.


The Double Cone System (with or without zips) minimizes the water flow in the most critical sealing areas like wrists and ankles. First, fold the glide part of the inner cone against your skin. Second, overlap a glove with the glide surface of the upper cone, thus providing an incomparable seal. 


This neck closure system allows for the easy customization of neck fittings. Beginning this year, Mares provides a complete new style of velcro tag molded in rubber, to minimize snagging of the plush or neoprene. Back and front zips with skin-on-skin zipper seals for a superior water barrier.


Knee protection made of anti-scratch polyurethane not only looks sharp, but is engineered for high strength and protection without compromising flexibility. The linear design moves in line with your body while still guarding this high wear area.


Both Mares Isotherm and 2ndSkin use a TIZIP high strength zipper.Isotherm uses a horizontal version, the SuperSeal, which is the perfect zipper for semi dry diving suits.The 2ndSkin uses the SilverSeal which is extremely strong and forgiving when installed upright in the back of steamers.For best performance, it is recommended that both be lubricated regularly.
The most advanced suit ever made of neoprene will emerge in 2011 in a version for mermaids. A revolutionary cold water suit that combines all innovations for the highest level of comfort, mobility, and thermal insulation.

Second (2ND) SKIN – the name speaks for itself: With this model, Mares offers you a true second skin consisting of an overall and a 

2NDSKIN Shorty (optional) that complement each other perfectly. 

High-quality and extremely flexible ultrastretch neoprene as well as numerous brand-new technical features combined with an anatomically 

preformed cut result in a suit that meets the highest standards – for Neptune followers and mermaids in search of the extraordinary!

Even the 6 mm overall leaves water no chance: A highly flexible vertical Silver Seal TIZIP zipper on the back allows no water to pass 


At the same time, a so-called spine pad provides additional insulation and a comfortable padding for the tank. 

The double cone system of the cuff and leg seals (with zippers) also ensures hermetic sealing. 

You’ll experience the summit of this creation when combining the Overall 2NDSKIN with the 2NDSKIN Shorty. This is worn as an undersuit. 

It is made of 1.5 mm Metalite – a high-tech material that reflects and retains the body heat and fits like a second skin. 

The shorty features glide skin seals and the superior custom collar closure system: at the neck, it allows for a customized adjustment of the neck seal because the new Velcro flap is tightly embedded in the rubber and as a result of this special construction only sticks where it is supposed to stick: at the collar! 

The highlight of the 2NDSKIN Shorty is an attached 0.5 mm hood that can be worn by itself or in addition to a thicker hood, as needed. 

This way, it also serves as a water barrier or as a warming collar at the nape of the neck. Double-function shorty: It features a front zipper and can also be worn by itself for snorkeling.

Fit, design, and workmanship are a dream come true. Live your own dream now!

Technical Characteristics  Mares 2nd Skin 6mm She Dives

  • Type of suite: Semidry
  • Concept: Modular suit system consisting of: overall, separate hood, and shorty (optional)
  • Target audience: All divers diving in local bodies of water as well as in tropical seas 
  • Material: Highly insulating neoprene with thermo plush coating
  • Ultrastretch neoprene for maximum mobility
  • Material thickness: 6 mm 
  • Hood material: 6 mm

Material reinforcements: Supratex on the outside, spine pad at the back

Zippers: Water-proof Silver Seal TIZIP RV / spine pad bolster

Seals: Douple cone system