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Cressi-Sub Cressi Comfort lady 7 mm

Cressi Comfort lady 7 mm | Jacket Scubapro Profile 5 mm man Diving-Wetsuits - semidrysuits Cressi-Sub

Cressi-Sub Cressi Comfort lady 7 mm

Cressi Comfort lady 7 mm

399,00 €

One piece cold water wetsuit made of 7 mm neoprene, with an outer layer in elastic-span and inner lining in elastic-plush. These materials make the suit warm and extremely elastic, making it very easy to put on. A ykk zipper (ensuring optimal quality) runs vertically on the back. The knees are reinforced with special protective patches. A very handy pocket on the right leg has two compartments and a useful d-ring. Double sleeves and zippers on wrists and ankles. A special sealing system on the collar minimises water infiltration

Features Cressi Comfort lady 7 mm


  • 10-18° C 50-64. 4° F CE 
  • Certification Diving Wetsuit EN 14225-1:2017: B
  • Technical Features:
  • 7 mm-thick neoprene
  • Elastic-span
  • Elastic plush inside
  • High volume pocket d-ring and hood holder
  • Ankles and wrists with zips and double cuffs
  • Anti-seepage collar