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Mares Mares regulator ULTRA 62X

Mares regulator ULTRA 62X | Carbon 42 Regulator Mares Diving-Regulators Mares

Mares Mares regulator ULTRA 62X

Mares regulator ULTRA 62X

369,46 €


The ATLAS 62x regulator is the latest addition to Mares. Lightweight with an attractive look, it lends itself to both technical and recreational diving. Where both the first and second stages are balanced

2nd stage

  • all metal technology for excellent performance, even in cold waters
  • recommended for use in extremely cold waters
  • VAD system for natural breathing at all depths
  • high airflow
  • large swing out flush button easier to use even with thick gloves
  • light superflex hose to ensure maximum comfort during use

1st stage

  • LP output with DFC for high airflow at any depth
  • ast - auto sealing technology (anti-leakage technology) for a watertight first stage
  • pre-oriented lp and hp outputs
  • the most compact and lightest diaphragm first stage
  • pearl chrome finish



Available from March 2023


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