Cressi-Sub Cressi-sub Focus Mask

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Cressi-Sub Cressi-sub Focus Mask

Cressi-sub Focus Mask

28,00 €

The traditional battle horse of the Cressi range and one of the most popular masks in the world.

 Light and compact, it has a soft silicone skirt, complete with seal ring that provides an excellent fit and high level of comfort even with prolonged use.


The minimum eye-lens distance ensures excellent visibility in all directions.


The strap buckles are revolving for instant adjustment.


The reduced internal volume makes the Focus perfect for all uses: snorkeling, scuba diving, skin diving. Also available in the optic version.


Technical Features

  • Type: two-lens mask.
  • Versions: transparent silicone, black silicone.
  • Materials: liquid silicone, hi-tech polymers.
  • Strap buckles: revolving, instant adjustment Internal volume: low.
  • Dimensions of frame: 157 x 70 mm.
  • Weight: 175 g.
  • Graduated lenses (optional): from –1.00 to –10.00 dioptres with intervals of 0.5 dioptres.



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