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Scubapro Scubapro Twin Speed Fins

Scubapro Twin Speed Fins

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Scubapro Twin Jet Max Fins

Discover the power of the Twin Jet Max SCUBAPRO fin.

The Twin Jet Max fin is characterized by a patented bilobed shovel that ensures optimal propulsion with minimum effort. The realization with two different materials allows a perfect balance between optimal maneuverability and comfort.

Increased strength and longevity will make your Twin Jets Max last a lifetime.

To choose a fin, three primary variables must be taken into account: power, efficiency, and fit. The greater the amount of water displaced by the fin, the greater the kicking power. Furthermore, fins are considered more efficient, transforming a greater percentage of the diver’s effort into propulsive thrust. And these are precisely the characteristics of the TWIN JET MAX FINS.

Scubapro Twin Jet Max Fins: features

  • Easily adjustable multidirectional buckles.
  • Semi-rigid lateral ribs to ensure the stability of the blade during kicking.
  • Soft liner designed according to the principles of bio-engineering for uniform energy transmission.
  • Anti-friction opening on the blade to allow a higher hydrodynamic flow during the upward thrust.
  • Shovel made of two materials for a perfect synthesis of flexibility and power.
  • Patented split split blade technology. Proven effectiveness.
  • The patented propeller technology with bilobed blade has been shown to produce greater propulsive thrust with considerably less effort than traditional blades.
  • The two-component construction combines the best features of two distinct but compatible materials to achieve the highest level of performance.
  • The anti-friction openings substantially reduce the resistance in both movements of the finstroke, upwards and downwards.
  • The wide sole acts as a lever accentuating the pushing power.
  • The wide and soft open foot pocket has been designed to offer optimal fit and comfort and regularly transmit energy from the leg to the fin.