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Scubapro underwear Scubapro K2 Light - TOP

underwear Scubapro K2 Light - TOP | Diving-Diving wear Scubapro mute pinne erogatori immersioni corsi Padi snorkeling attrezzatura pesca subacquea Genova Liguria

Scubapro underwear Scubapro K2 Light - TOP

underwear Scubapro K2 Light - TOP

45,00 €

The undergarments of choice for drysuit diving, the new K2 line keeps you warm while diving dry. Sporting a modern eye-catching design, these undergarments are available in two levels of thickness to suit a variety of thermal warmth requirements. They are compatible with drysuits.

  • Light Grid Plush material 164 g/m2 (+/-5%),
  • Breathable, warm and stretchy.
  • Compatible with drysuits.
  • Pants and long sleeve tops.
  • Includes elastic wrist loops on tops and heel straps on pants.
  • Also very good good for outdoor activities.

Si prega di notare che in caso di esaurimento scorte, la consegna potrà subire un ritardo di 7/10 giorni dovuti all’approviggionamento del materiale presso la casa madre.


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