Scubapro BC Scubapro T-sport Plus

BC Scubapro T-sport Plus | BC Scubapro T-Sport Plus, jacket, bc, stabilizing jacket, Buoyancy Compensator

Scubapro BC Scubapro T-sport Plus

BC Scubapro T-sport Plus

259,00 €

BC Scubapro T-Sport Plus

A lightweight yet high performing, feature-rich travel buoyancy compensator.
You won’t want to leave it behind when you embark on an exotic diving holiday or even when you go to your local lake or seashore.


PLUS means: more comfort and better features.

PLUS incorporates: specifically thought-out travel advantages on a well-defined, essential, recreational front adjustable jacket.

T-SPORT PLUS is: for complete simplicity and worry-free diving, wherever you may be.

Lightweight Construction:
• Durable 500D Cordura for robust wear without weighing you, or your luggage, down.
• Tank band with durable plastic buckle system, lighter than heavier metal cinches.
• 3 plastic D-rings minimize weight. But we didn’t forget 2 stainless steel D-rings, enough for your heavy duty accessories.
• No risk that this jacket will overload your bag at the airline check-in counter: a size Large weighs less than 3 kg.


First Class Features:
• New graphics and modern styling, plus a compact design which folds tightly into a gear bag for space optimization.
• Integrated front weight pocket system means no need to carry a weight belt. Weight pouches can simply be tucked in the 2 quick release pockets when you arrive and are ready to dive.
• Pre-constructed dive knife attachment points make it easy to add this essential accessory. Fits perfectly with our White Tip knife.
• Valves are welded onto the jacket for increased safety.


Comfort & Convenience
• Soft back protection for continuous comfort with embossed logo.
• New adjustable cummerbund system with a wider Velcro attachment for better fit and embossed logo. Ideal if you use various suits for different water temperatures: you can adjust the T-Sport Plus for a perfect fit no matter what type of suit you may wear.
• 2 large, zippered front pockets to keep your essentials and extras secure and at-hand.
• Available in 6 sizes for all shapes of divers (XS-XXL).
• Impressive Lift Capacity:
Size - Lift (Kg)
XS - 11
S - 14
M - 17
L - 18
XL - 21
XXL - 23

Available sizes: XS to XXL
Type of flotation: Front Adjustable
Quick release (y/n): Yes
Integrated Weight System (y/n): Yes
Materials: Cordura 500 Deniers
Primary (integrated) & Trim weight capacity: Up to 5 Kg
Lift capacity: N/A.