Mares Origin Sport BCD Mares

Origin Sport BCD Mares | Origin Sport BCD Mares Diving-B.c.d Mares

Mares Origin Sport BCD Mares

Origin Sport BCD Mares

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Origin Sport BCD Mares


Designed for Frequent and Intense UseOrigin Sport was developed to reach a new level of durabilty. Careful selection of materials ensures prolonged resistance to abrasion, UV rays and wear.

Special attention was paid to the most typical needs to diving resorts and rental programs.

The ability to customize the length of the shoulder straps allows for greater flexiability in fitting the BC.

The same size can fit a greater variety of shapes, perfect for fitting adults and downsizing for children.

Size label marked clearly in the shoulder strap so it is immediately visiable.

Adjustable chest strap.

External size label on the shoulder strap.

2 spacious zippered pockets.

Two rear quick-dump/over expansion relief valves.

Ergo Inflator Back Padding.

Materials: 420 denier buoyancy bag with pockets in Cordura 1000 and Spinnaker Plastic Rings.


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