Cressi-Sub Kit Tracina Cressi 5mm

Kit Tracina Cressi 5mm | Apnea Cressi-Sub mute pinne erogatori immersioni corsi Padi snorkeling attrezzatura pesca subacquea Genova Liguria

Cressi-Sub Kit Tracina Cressi 5mm

Kit Tracina Cressi 5mm

351,00 €

The exclusive camouflage design of the Tracina wetsuit and its accessories comes from a replica of the sea floor created from high-resolution photographs selected by the Cressi competition team among various options and slightly modified to combine the camouflage capacity with an elegant aesthetic. Particularly effective in the darkest areas of the Mediterranean and in dark waters.


Dark brown shade suitable both for the darker areas of the Mediterranean seabeds and with posidonia and for the ocean floor. Medium density neoprene for an excellent compression resistance ratio / need for ballast / attitude variation. 100% coated with Ultraspan © very flexible and hydrodynamic to improve comfort, adaptability and drying speed. Traditional microporous interior. Seamless underarm area to optimize mobility and comfort. Aquastop © system in smooth neoprene inside the lower part of the jacket to minimize water entry at this point and in the upper area of ​​the trousers. Trousers without dungarees for greater comfort and expansion of the ribcage. New oversized load bearing with scaly padding and resistant anti-slip and tear-resistant fabric. Wide reinforcements in Powertex © on knees-shins and elbows. Trim, wrists and ankles with micro-seals in smooth neoprene inside. Jacket and trousers with a high waist without straps, sold separately. Available in 7mm, 5mm and 3.5mm versions (included in the 5mm version).


Tracina gloves are made of 3 mm thick Elastic-Span Neoprene® soft and elastic. It is a durable and soft quality material for comfortable wearing. The gloves are covered with a reinforced material and decorated with a camouflage effect. The inner lining is in Black-Metallite which makes them easy to wear.


Very soft and particularly elastic socks made of 3 mm Elastic-Span Neoprene. They have a reinforced and non-slip honeycomb coating on the plant. Interior in Black-Metallite to encourage wearing. Dark Specter Pat Cressi camouflage outer lining.


Gara Modular fin version with a "Long Distance" blade made of very effective thermoplastic material, but at the same time softer. The kicking is characterized in this way by a marked fluidity that allows the foot and muscles to not get tired, allowing the distance to be traveled for long distances.


Evolution of the Nano mask with the same IDF-INTEGRATED DUAL FRAME TECHNOLOGY system known in the latest generation Cressi masks to offer a field of view beyond the norm.

The structure of the mask is characterized by a particular design that integrates the face and the frame in an extremely compact and hydrodynamic profile very close to the face of the diver, allowing a particular and wider shape of the lenses.

Caliber turns out to be the Cressi mask with less internal volume together with an exceptional field of vision thanks to the inclination of the lenses. The buckles are always connected directly to the rigid headband of the mask through a sturdy but flexible rubber joint. This allows you to adjust the strap and position the mouthpiece without altering the delicate position of the facepiece.

A patented membrane that surrounds the inside of the nose housing acts as a barrier by trapping any moisture escaping from the diver’s nose unintentionally when breathing through the mouth. The result is that not only is the humidity channeled away from the lenses, avoiding fogging, but the need to compensate the pressure is also reduced.

The finish is completely opaque satin so as to aesthetically combine all its components in order to favor a perfect integration in the underwater environment avoiding alarming reflections for marine organisms. Calibro is a perfect choice for freediving as designed to offer the best response to the feeling of freedom of the face.


Si prega di notare che in caso di esaurimento scorte, la consegna del prodotto potrebbe essere ritardata di una settimana.



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