Cressi-Sub Kit Cressi Apnea Wetsuit Cressi Apnea + Cressi Calibro + Cressi Corsica + Cressi gloves and socks

Kit Cressi Apnea Wetsuit Cressi Apnea + Cressi Calibro + Cressi Corsica + Cressi gloves and socks |

Cressi-Sub Kit Cressi Apnea Wetsuit Cressi Apnea + Cressi Calibro + Cressi Corsica + Cressi gloves and socks

Kit Cressi Apnea Wetsuit Cressi Apnea + Cressi Calibro + Cressi Corsica + Cressi gloves and socks

290,00 €

The Cressi Apnea kit is dedicated to those who want to start fishing in apnea or want to start a course, including:

  • Cressi Gara Modular fins
  • Caliber Cressi Mask
  • Mute Cressi Apnea 5mm
  • Cressi Ultra High Stretch Gloves 2,5mm +
  • Cressi Metallite 2.5mm


without sole made of ultra-elastic 2.5mm single-layer Ultraspan neoprene. The inner side is covered in metallite to facilitate the wearing and the sole has an effective anti-slip coating. They can be used both with fins with closed shoes, for greater thermal protection and to protect the epidermis from scratches and rubbings, and in combination with rigid-sole footwear, using open-ended fins. In this case the thermal protection increases considerably, as well as, the ease in wearing the suit.

HIGH STRETCH 2.5mm 5-finger GLOVES

made of soft and elastic double-lined Ultraspan neoprene. from 2.5 mm. Thanks to its preformed cut, which favors the natural position of the hand with semi-dense fingers and the quality of the truly elastic material, it maintains the same sensitivity on the trigger, which you would have bare-handed, robust allows you to stick to the rocks without siping the gorge: all the surface has a non-slip coating to optimize grip, these gloves offer an extraordinary tactile sensitivity combined with good protection from the cold.


Wetsuit in 5 mm neoprene smooth inside and lined outside, this model of suit is completely revised and designed to ensure the lowest friction, especially in the joints.Two pieces, with high waist pants without overalls and hooded jacket incorporated, made in thicknesses of 5 mm and 7 mm (the one included in the kit is 5 mm) to meet the needs of all.Made of single-lined Ultraspan neoprene, with inner side coated in Black Metallite for an excellent fit.


  • New preformed anatomical cut on legs, arms, back and knees.
  • Low-waisted trousers with internally smooth and foldable top.
  • Smooth neoprene watertight seals on the lower edge of the jacket, the giroviso, the sottocollo, wrists and ankles.
  • Wear-resistant reinforcements on elbows and knees as well as reinforcement for rifle loading.


Anti FOG mask particularly suitable for those who do apnea, great view but minimal interior space. The structure of the mask is characterized by a particular design that integrates the face and the frame in an extremely compact and hydrodynamic profile very close to the face of the diver, allowing a particular and wider shape of the lenses. Caliber turns out to be the Cressi mask with less internal volume together with an exceptional field of vision thanks to the tilt of the lenses. The buckles are always connected directly to the rigid headband of the mask through a sturdy but flexible rubber joint. This allows you to adjust the strap and position the mouthpiece without altering the delicate position of the facepiece. A patented membrane that surrounds the inside of the nose housing acts as a barrier by trapping any moisture escaping from the diver’s nose unintentionally when breathing through the mouth. The result is that not only is the humidity channeled away from the lenses, avoiding fogging, but the need to compensate the pressure is also reduced. The finish is completely opaque satin so as to aesthetically combine all its components in order to favor a perfect integration in the underwater environment avoiding alarming reflections for marine organisms. Calibro is a perfect choice for freediving as designed to offer the best response to the feeling of freedom of the face.


Freestanding and fishing fin with interchangeable blade very light and reactive with performances suitable for beginners to the most demanding freedivers. Due to its unique characteristics, this model is also appreciated by professionals and instructors for diving with Ara. Standard shovel / side member interface: screws under the boot + side clips. Extremely thin and light-weight shovel with an excellent propulsive performance. Full Contact certified thermoplastic rubber shoe. Longherone made of technopolymers with high modulus of flexion elastomeric fillers. Shovel in elastomeric technopolymer compounds developed by Cressi. Thanks to its specific and exclusive design, the propulsive performance, during the leg pass, is increased by an excellent return of the blade.

The blade of the Modular Race has an incredible resistance to any type of impact, impact or stress, making it almost impossible to break accidental.

New Self Adjusting liner molded in 2 materials: soft rubber in the fit and hard n


Si prega di notare che in caso di esaurimento scorte, la consegna del prodotto potrebbe essere ritardata di una settimana.


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