Cressi-Sub Fins Cressi Gara Modular + Bag Gara Cressi

Fins Cressi Gara Modular + Bag Gara Cressi | Apnea Cressi-Sub mute pinne erogatori immersioni corsi Padi snorkeling attrezzatura pesca subacquea Genova Liguria

Cressi-Sub Fins Cressi Gara Modular + Bag Gara Cressi

Fins Cressi Gara Modular + Bag Gara Cressi

89,00 €

The ideal kit for those who are apnea or scuba-diving, includes the Cressi Modular Gara fins and the comfortable Cressi bag. Basic Bag



  • Interchangeable blade fin very light and reactive with performances suitable for both beginners and more demanding freedivers.
  • Due to its unique characteristics, this model is also appreciated by professionals and instructors for diving with Ara.
  • Standard shovel / side member interface: screws under the liner + side clips. Extremely thin and light-weight shovel with an excellent propulsive performance. Full Contact certified thermoplastic rubber shoe. Longherone made of technopolymers with high modulus of flexion elastomeric fillers. Shovel in elastomeric technopolymer compounds developed by Cressi. Thanks to its specific and exclusive design, the propulsive performance, during the leg pass, is increased by an excellent return of the blade.
  • The blade of the Gara Modular  has an incredible resistance to any type of impact, impact or stress, making it almost impossible to break accidental.
  • New Self Adjusting liner molded in 2 materials: soft rubber in the fit and lasts in the side members and in the traction zones. Equipped with a central cut in the semi-rigid band to increase its wearability, specifically designed to allow every shoe to wear even very thick shoes.


  • Bag for long fins, specially designed to contain mask and snorkel.
  • Ideal for those who practice snorkeling or freediving.

The Cressi Gara Modular fins are also available with the green (more mobile) gray (Nery) and carbon


Si prega di notare che in caso di esaurimento scorte, la consegna del prodotto potrebbe essere ritardata di una settimana.



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