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Mares Viper Mares Mask

Viper Mares Mask

34,99 €

Mares introduces the new Viper mask; another revolutionary product, developed in partnership with the best athletes in the world and dedicated to the most demanding freedivers and spearfishermen.

Mares’ designers have created a mask with innovative technical features and a unique, striking design.

The skirt has been modeled with meticulous attention to facial ergonomics, making it suitable for all types of physiognomy. The surface in contact with the face has been carefully fashioned to offer superior comfort and to stay in position better than masks using the traditional extra inner lip. The skirt exterior has an attractive, sophisticated finish, and the inner surface features a special soft-touch / anti-reflective treatment. The frame is encased in the silicone of the skirt to provide a single highly streamlined shape that eliminates potential friction as you come back up to the surface. The lenses are positioned closer to the eyes in order to minimize internal volume and ensure a wide field of view. The product’s latest-generation silicones deter condensation, while the ergonomic buckles with double buttons on the skirt enable the strap to be adjusted precisely.


  • Streamlined Profile
  • Light Weight
  • Wide field of vision
  • Reduced internal volume

Mares introduces a new mask specifically designed for freediving and spearfishing.  Years ago, Mares created the innovative “Ventosa”, an extraordinary mask without an internal rim, yet yielding a larger sealing surface to the face.  A culmination of this experience and years of research and innovation, we’ve created the new Viper mask. Viper features the sealing qualities of the original Ventosa, with a truly innovative, unique, and functional look.

The Viper Mares Mask skirt is vastly improved in more areas than one.  A specific component of a mask that is often over-looked is the skirt.  Mares has taken skirt development to the extreme, by providing a skirt that fits a wide array of face shapes, is easy to equalize while minimizing pressure points between the lenses, preventing uncomfortable squeezes to the nose-bridge and face.  The skirt is a highly anatomical shape and fits the face like none other.  A single plane from the forehead to the tip of the nose delivers excellent hydrodynamics.  The surface in contact with the face is sculpted to offer excellent fit and comfort that is superior to masks with an additional internal rim.

The lenses are incredibly close to the eyes, minimizing internal volume while ensuring a broad field of vision.  Special thought went into the design of the internal space of the mask, particularly at the critical point in the front between the two lenses, making this very comfortable for all divers.

The Viper Mares mask is moulded using an innovative production process that allows us to achieve these unique results.  The special geometry of the frame, the direct moulding of the lenses, and the innovative over-moulded skirt ensure exceptional durability and light weight. Highly innovative solutions place the Viper at the global apex of freediving and spearfishing masks.

Finally, the ergonomic dual-button buckles connect directly to the skirt. This provides precise adjustability of the strap, helping to achieve a better seal and ultimate comfort during your diving sessions.

Available in three colors, the Vipers exterior skirt has an attractive and sophisticated finish, while the internal surface combines a special soft touch / antiglare treatment and a smooth finish along the broad sealing edge.

Viper unique to itself - like none other.



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