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Mares Mares X-WING C-EVO Freediving Fins

Mares X-WING C-EVO Freediving Fins | Mares Wetsuit Trilastic Deluxe 5-4-3 mm lady

Mares Mares X-WING C-EVO Freediving Fins

Mares X-WING C-EVO Freediving Fins

392,40 €

Mares X-WING C-EVO Freediving Fins

The fins of the Mares X-WING C-EVO are made of 12 layers of T700 carbon of different texture and length and different types of resin. The layers inside are made with unidirectional weaves to avoid lateral twisting of the blade and dérapage.

The surface finish is that used in the latest generation of racing boats, where years of study have made it possible to understand which surface eliminates friction and turbulence the most.

Specific fin for freediving and deep-sea fishing, the shape of the blade in fact allows the optimization of the thrust also exploiting the final part with an elongated profile.

The blade is inclined at 30 degrees to make the blade the natural extension of the tibia. It is born coupled with the new blue X-WING foot pocket, which is even more comfortable.

X WING C-EVO technical features

  • Shovel made with 100% prepreg carbon to ensure high quality
  • T700 carbon with unidirectionally woven fibers to reduce lateral flex
  • Thanks to the lower number of crossings between the fibers, the reactivity of the blade increases
  • Blade with variable thickness and high performance parabolic flex
  • The shovel has a width of 190 mm and a length of 750 mm
  • High quality manufacturing process
  • The new variable height side profiles support and optimize flexibility and the channel thrust effect
  • Available with a soft or medium stiff paddle depending on the weight of the user
  • Long fins suitable for high stroke frequency for freediving and deep-sea fishing
  • Blade inclination at 30° with respect to the footpocket
  • Designed to be worn even without shoes
  • Interchangeable blade

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