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Mares Mares X-WING Short Freediving Fins

Mares X-WING Short Freediving Fins | ogiva per elastici per arbalete diam 16 con aiuto al caricamento mares spora sub

Mares Mares X-WING Short Freediving Fins

Mares X-WING Short Freediving Fins

106,20 €

Mares X-WING Short Freediving Fins

The blades of the X-WING short fin have 30 degrees of inclination to transform the blade into a natural extension of the leg and optimize performance, reducing fatigue when swimming on the surface.

Technical features X-WING short

  • The high quality elastomer tapered blade allows for excellent agility and performance
  • The blade has a width of 180 mm and a length of 613 mm
  • V-shaped toe to prevent side-to-side slipping when batting
  • The blade of the pink and blue versions is 25% softer than that of the x-wing pro fins
  • The pink or blue versions are the best choice for extended surface swims, freediving and light divers, while the green version is recommended for extended surface swims and spearfishing
  • Blade inclination at 30° with respect to the footpocket
  • Interchangeable blade
  • Designed to be worn even without shoes
  • The foot pocket built for maximum performance delivers perfect power transmission from foot to blade thanks to a new softer material

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