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Cressi-Sub Cressi Arbalete Victory

Cressi Arbalete Victory | Apnea-Airgun Cressi-Sub mute pinne erogatori immersioni corsi Padi snorkeling attrezzatura pesca subacquea Genova Liguria

Cressi-Sub Cressi Arbalete Victory

Cressi Arbalete Victory

259,20 €


Explore the sea with the power and precision of the Victory speargun from Cressi. Designed to meet the needs of the most demanding spearfishers, the Victory offers exceptional performance in any marine environment. Thanks to its 31 mm round barrel, which, while being extremely rigid, guarantees perfect hydrodynamics in all directions, allowing the user to move smoothly and quickly through the water. Thanks to the innovative Neodymium magnet that holds the shaft the Victory achieves excellent balance in the water.

In conclusion, the Victory is a resistive rifle with exceptional performance, making it a high quality option for those wishing to enhance their fishing experience.

Features Victory speargun:

  • 7.5 mm shaft with bottom flopper
  • 14 mm triple circular band with Dyneema sk 78 spiral
  • 3X closed circular muzzles
  • 31 MM round body rigid and hydroninamic 
  • Special handle angle for increased shooting accuracy



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